Our 2022 Nominees

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Judy Jarecki-Black

Rika Jolie

Lisa Lee

Indu Mani

Judy Jarecki-Black

Judy Jarecki-Black
Smith, Bambrell & Russell LLP, Senior Counsel, Biotech Team Leader

  • Attorney, PhD in molecular biology and pathobiology
  • Skilled IP attorney, developed, maintained and enforced global IP portfolios for Merial and Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Research that resulted in developing the first recombinant Lyme disease vaccine, effective for both dogs and humans
  • Maintains a farm that shelters more than 100 animals that need a safe place
  • Pro bono work to support women victims of domestic abuse
  • Known for her strong advocacy for women in the animal health industry

“Most people would be satisfied with success in one of these professions, but Judy has excelled in all of them.”

“Her honesty and ability to give feedback that teaches you growth and at the same time, makes you feel more confident, was a special trait that many colleagues would seek out from her.”

Judy Jarecki-Black

Rika Jolie
Merck Animal Health, Head of Global Swine Marketing

  • First woman to hold the title of Head of Global Swine Marketing at Merck
  • Launched six innovative products in three years, a company record
  • Responsible for the clinical development of RespiSure-ONE, the first one dose M.hyopneumoniae vaccine
  • Led the team that identified a major breakthrough in PRRS research
  • Mentors female colleagues in swine commercial and technical service groups

“Her leadership and mentorship provide an incredible role model for us all.”

“She brings persuasive leadership and mentorship skills, as well as passion dedication and resilience to her work.”

“She ‘tells it straight’ while always being supportive.”


Lisa Lee
Zoetis, Senior Vice President and Head of Global Diagnostics

  • Former senior leader at IDEXX and Covetrus
  • Lead the Zoetis team to integrate Abaxis into Zoetis, and scales its Diagnostics business through additional acquisitions and innovations
  • Has spent nearly 20 years cultivation and promoting the importance of growth of diagnostics in veterinary care
  • Mentored numerous colleagues, including young women and military veterans re-joining the workforce

“She has helped us build a highly competitive diagnostics portfolio in a very short time.”

“She showed me it is possible to be a great business leader and a great mom at the same time.”

“She is a highly effective communicator, a keen listener who trusts the expertise of her team.”

Indu Mani

Indu Mani
Brief Media, Chief Veterinary Officer

  • Instrumental in developing Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs into an all-digital format
  • Represents veterinary medicine as a Fellow at Harvard Medical School Center for Bioethics
  • Mentors and trains new veterinary editors

“She elevates the clinical reliability of the organization’s portfolio to veterinarians world-wide.”

“As the daughter of Indian immigrants, she champions the progression of professional women of all backgrounds.”

“In my two decades in the field, I have yet to meet another clinician who is as dedicated as she is to make the veterinary profession the best it can be.”


Ulrike (Rikki) McCray

Linda Tikofsky

Elizabeth Williams

Judy Jarecki-Black

Ulrike (Rikki) McCray
Merck Animal Health, Director Marketing Vaccines, Pharmaceuticals, Companion Animal and Equine Business, USA

  • Identified a new canine respiratory illness in 2015 that lead to a deadly mutation of canine influenza, and developed a vaccine to protect dogs
  • Responsible for the P&L of companion animal and equine vaccines and pharmaceuticals
  • Coach and mentor for many individuals
  • Helps volunteer organizations that work with displaced pets, most recently from wildfires in California and the Pacific Northwest

“Her department is well known to be a development ground for key talent”.

“She has a great passion for people, pets, and advancing our animal health industry.”

“It’s hard to miss her outgoing personality and unmistakable laugh.”

“Anytime we have questions or need help she graciously goes out of her way to assist us.”

Linda Tikofsky

Linda Tikofsky
Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health, Senior Associate Director, Cattle Professional Services

  • Worked with dairy farmers and veterinarians on Quality Milk Promotion Services at Cornell University
  • Ran clinical studies for dairy cattle therapeutics and vaccines
  • President of the National Mastitis Council, an international organization dedicated to milk quality
  • Leader, mentor and supporter of women veterinarians in dairy practice, founded the Cowbelles

“She has been instrumental in helping promote and elevate women within the production animal space.”

“Women around our organization have stories about how Dr. Tikofsky has helped them grow and thrive in their careers.”

“She uses her positive attitude to help others move forward, always leading, coaching and mentoring.”


Elizabeth (Betsy) Williams
Immucell, Vice President, Manufacturing Operations

  • A leader in animal health manufacturing.
  • Led the construction of ImmuCell’s new GMP manufacturing facility from the ground up on time and on budget, to support an innovative product
  • A leader in mentoring colleagues, she established mentoring programs whereever she worked
  • She was on the team chartered to develop Zoetis’s Core Beliefs during the spin-off from Pfizer

“Betsy is extraordinary in the way that she brings a team with her to do great things.”

“Betsy has been an inspiration to me in what she has accomplished…while maintaining a caring and quality environment for those who work with her.”