What are the criteria for winning the award?

  • At least 10 years in the animal health industry in any capacity, including but not limited to R&D, business development, marketing, legal, and manufacturing.
  • As a means of providing guidance on the definition of our industry, FIHC generally considers the following to be in the animal health field:
      • Pharmaceuticals
      • Vaccines
      • Biologics
      • Devices
      • Therapeutic diets
      • Services, including media, distributors and contract research organizations in support of the above
  • Demonstrated excellence in her field; for example, responsibility for the discovery or development of a new drug or vaccine, building a major brand, overseeing a major facility expansion, in-licensing a market leading technology, founding and/or growing a successful company, achieving a major regulatory milestone.
  • Demonstrated commitment to mentoring women in the animal health industry, and including and promoting women.

How does one nominate a woman animal health leader for the award?
Anyone can nominate for this award.
The following information is required:

  • CV of the nominee.
  • A letter indicating how the nominee meets the three criteria listed above. Please give specific examples.
  • Recommendation from at least one woman in the animal health industry detailing why they think the nominee deserves the award. Please include a letter.

Guidelines and submission forms for the 2022 award are available here.

Is the award for both US and international women?
Yes, the woman can be from any country.

Can anyone (man or woman) nominate a woman for this award?
Yes, nominations are open from anyone world-wide, and we encourage self-nominations. We do ask that one woman write a supportive letter, focusing on the requirement that the nominee has served as a mentor of women.

What is the deadline for nominations and when will the awardee be selected?
Nominations are open as of January 2021. Nominations close October 29, 2021.

Who selects the annual winner of the award?
The selection committee for the 2022 award is made up of the Directors. The selection committee may change from year to year, at the discretion of the Association directors. Serving on the selection committee precludes nomination for the award. Dr. Rhodes has recused herself from being nominated.

To submit a nomination click HERE

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