Who founded this award program?
A group of women leaders in the animal health industry, including Dr. Linda Rhodes, Dr. Diane Larsen, Julia Stephanus, Dr. Susan Longhofer, Dr. Lesley Rausch-Derra, and Dr. Kristen Khanna.

Does the organization have members?
No, it is not set up as a membership organization. We do welcome volunteers to help with the planning of the event, publicity and other functions.

Is the award for both US and international women?
Yes, the woman nominees can be from any country.

Can anyone (man or woman) nominate a woman for this award?
Yes, nominations are open from anyone world-wide, and we encourage self-nominations. We do ask that at least one woman write a supportive letter, focusing on the requirement that the nominee has served as a mentor of women.

Who selects the annual winner of the award?
The selection committee for the 2025 award is made up of the Directors of the Feather in Her Cap Association. The selection committee may change from year to year, at the discretion of the Association directors. Serving on the selection committee precludes nomination for the award. 

How is the organization funded?
The organization is supported financially through ticket sales for the Annual Award Dinner and sponsorships.

Are there any employees of the organization?
No, all directors hold volunteer positions.

Are men welcome to participate?
Absolutely! We know that leadership in companies in the animal health industry will want to celebrate the achievements of industry women, and hope that they will join us along with their female colleagues.

What are the two awards?
The Feather in Her Cap Award will be given out for the eighth time in 2025.

The High Flyer Award will be given out for the third time in 2025.

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